ava x mckenzie

a new creative that i had the pleasure of styling with photographer mckenzie james. as of late i haven't been doing many creative shoots, mainly because i don't have as much time anymore. this shoot i had been thinking and planning for a long while. i wanted to do a shoot that didn't require wardrobe, where i would make most of the items needed.

i made the mesh wardrobe, which was originally a bright safety orange. i sculpted the shapes and then safety pinned them in place before spray painting it. i did the painting that was used as the backdrop. i think that took the longest because i had to figure out the technique to use to get that broad strokes of colour (large shoe brush).

the point of inspiration for the shapes were biko's solarwave studs, and the designer was kind enough to let me feature her jewelry in this shoot.

hair was sculpted by kirsten klontz. makeup by brittany sinclair. manicure (so subtle but oh so important) by ashley cho. model, ava bianca.